Monday, January 23, 2012


I apologize for the lag in posting over the last week. The tragedy of two weeks ago is still fresh in my own heart and, each time I have sat down to do some writing, I just can't bring myself to do it. It's not depression, I'm sure, but it is a sense that in the wake of unthinkable evil it is hard to reclaim ones voice. If last week I found my voice in re-articulating Father Kiser's message of hope, the intervening days have found me somewhat quiet and pensive.

This post, I hope, will lead to a thaw and allow the juices to flow once again.

There's not much new happening on my front. Last week occasioned the visit of our provincial and then, on Friday, a trip to the Detroit Automotive Show. This week I have to plan a rally (Friday) and a dinner for parents who purchased a dinner with "Mr. Duns and the Senate Officers" to be hosted here. Fortunately, these are parents I know pretty well and I know that the fastest way to their through a bottle of Chianti. My plan is to give cooking lessons to the Officers as we prepare the meal for the parents, which is either an inspired idea or a recipe for disaster. We shall see.


C said...

I hope you'll find your voice soon again.


Anonymous said...

That's why it's always important to take care of yourself...sometimes as people who care for others, we get drawn into their tragedies. It is the rare person who is not affected, at least vicariously. Rest, fun with friends that is not work, even a day of solitude either at home or in another 'sacred' space can be helpful. You know all that. Just remember, you're important...

Nan said...

Let us know how the dinner (and particularly prep with Chianti) went. Best way back is through the little things. You inspire. So thanks for that.