Saturday, May 15, 2010

No, I eat out of a trough

Since I haven't finished my coffee yet and I still don't feel like going out for my run, I thought I'd post one further item.

Several weeks ago, I went out to dinner with friends. We went to a local pizzeria where they serve 'designer' pizzas and rather nice bottles of wine. Dressed casually, I was thoroughly enjoying my glass of Chianti, the pizza, and our conversation when I heard an exasperated, "Oh my God! Mister Duns!!"

I looked up to see one of my students towering over me. He looked wholly bewildered and said, much to his parents chagrin, "I didn't know you were allowed to eat in restaurants!"

If my students' caricature of me is correct, my first reaction was to roll my eyes and give him 'the stare.' This was immediately followed by my retort, "Are you insane? Do you think I stay at home and eat out of a trough each night? Of course I eat in restaurants!"

The parents laughed and offered an apology for their son's naivete. As they walked away, I saw the kid turn around again so I lifted my glass of wine in salute and took a long draught of Chianti with great gusto. He smiled and turned away. I went back to my meal, wholly amused.
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