Thursday, December 03, 2009


It was with a grim face that my Jesuit superior informed me and the community that I am being removed from my current ministry. This news caused great consternation and confusion for several community members: what was it that I had done? What could I possibly have done in less than four months to merit such an abrupt removal from my job?

Well, it appears that my persnickety superior does not approve of the way that I make beds and prepared the guest rooms. He kindly offered to schedule some corrective therapy: a four-hour session of watching Martha Stewart demonstrate how to make a bed the right way, along with a 2-hour session of learning how to dust and vacuum properly. I demurred at this suggestion, preferring instead the downgrade to "House Librarian." It is a hard fall, really, to go from the lofty heights of the "Assistant to the Guest Master" and be relegated to merely re-shelving books and maintaining a magazine rack.

So I admit it: my skill set is not in making a bed. I haven't any taste for decoration or style - I'm more of a functional guy [as long as it is neat and doesn't smell, I'm happy with it]. I pleaded my case, arguing that this is a Jesuit Community and not the Hyatt. It was, however, to no avail. So I'm now going to throw myself completely into my new task as "Library Czar" and I hope to prove to my brethren that I do have some usable skills.


Tomasino said...

I love the humble heart of Jesuit obedience. God bless you, Ryan. I hope you'll fare better with the books. Happy Advent!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad my anonymous letter to your entire community got results! I don't consider myself a hero, though some might.

Anonymous said...

Dont be too hard on yourself. Obedience and humility. Oh Lord. Sometimes painful. I am thinking of the gospel song that Dylan did: Pressing On to the Higher Calling of My Lord. You will look back one day and laugh and know it had nothing to do with the making of beds. Be of good cheer. God Bless.