Wednesday, July 08, 2009

For the Love of God!

One of the practices I regularly encourage others to participate in is saying the Rosary. My Rosary beads are seldom far from reach. Long road trips, take-offs and landings in airplanes, waiting rooms, evening walks, and the time before mass: each provides enough downtime that I can knock off a decade or more of prayer. It's not my main source of prayer, by any means, but it is a practice that I continue to find very helpful.

So could someone explain to me how it is that I have managed to lose no less than six sets of Rosaries in the past year? I know that one pair was left in Los Angeles last September. If you come upon a gray fleece vest, they're the nice wooden Rosary beads in the right-hand pocket. Another pair was lost in the purple PT Cruiser I rented from Budget back in March (I didn't choose the color or's all they had). A third pair has probably flown the route from JFK Airport to Denver several dozen times since April. One set is in a Detroit hotel. The fifth one is probably in Lake Erie, because I tripped and dropped it into a drain. The sixth and final pair I seem to have lost somewhere in the yellow PT Cruiser owned by the John Carroll Community, even though I tore through the car three times looking for them.

While I admit responsibility for five of the losses, the sixth one is simply beyond me. I was actually being ATTENTIVE to where I put them. Nevertheless, I've managed to lose yet another pair. The trouble is, though, that I'm really particular about the kind I use (they have to be small but sturdy, light, preferably smooth, and be able to fit into my pocket easily). So this just adds further stress: not only do I need to buy several pair, but I have to stress out about what kind to buy.

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