Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dinner at 7

After I return from the gym this morning, I'll spend the rest of my day in the kitchen preparing a dinner for (about) twenty people. It has become something of a custom for me to host semi-regular dinners here at Ciszek for some of the younger members of the theology and philosophy departments, Jesuits, and other graduate students.

My menu tonight:

Prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe
Sauteed green beans with tomatoes and basil
marinated summer squash
tortellini bolognese (my own sauce)
Nectarine and blueberry crisp

In recent years, Fordham University has made fabulous young hires in both theology and philosophy and it has been one of my great delights to have gotten to know many of these faculty members. Extending hospitality toward members of the Fordham community - both faculty and fellow graduate students - helps for them to get to know us, to understand what the whole "Jesuit project" is, and gives them a sense of having a role in our formation process that extends far beyond just teaching us in class.

If I can remember to do so, I'll have to make sure that I bring my camera tonight and take some pictures.

In other news, things remain fairly quiet. I've been really blessed these last few weeks with excellent prayer (which makes, as you can imagine, the discipline of prayer much easier) and I'm feeling energized and excited by the beginning of the term. I'm also glad that I've kept up my daily yoga practice as I find it to be a sort of embodied prayer. And, with all the twisting and turning, it's great for the digestive system...a good thing, given the menu I have planned for tonight!


Anonymous said...

There are many reasons I wish I were young again, but now a great one must be so that I could have the Fordham experience you now enjoy. I'm sure you appreciate what you've found.

adam said...

I enjoy your blog. Here's mine:

I'm still working on the design, but you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Since you shared your menu, might I make a suggestion for those times when it is not easy to get good cantaloupe: try prosciutto wrapped around arugula. The sharpness of the arugula works well with the prosciutto.