Friday, January 11, 2008

Sound Ordinance?

Right outside my window, a back-hoe has been running since 5:30 this morning. Actually, they were out there at 5:30 and they started this enormously loud machine at 6:30. So I've been up since 5:30. Don't they have sound ordinances that protect normal people who like to sleep until, oh, say 7:00 am?

ANYWAY, we're now back from our Vow Renewal Retreat held at Inisfada. I feel refreshed and renewed and excited for the new semester. I have a bit of work to do before classes begin on Monday, but I reckon things will get sorted soon enough.


Joe said...

Sound ordinances? In NEW YORK?

Had you been born 2009 years ago, I believe your example could well have been used in Scripture: Amen, Amen, I say to you, if you had faith the size of the faith of this guy in the Bronx who thought there would be sound ordinances in New York City, you would tell the mountain...

Or something like that.


Karen said...

Think of it as a sleep fast for GC35.