Saturday, November 11, 2006

Two Old Favorites

Per a request by Meghan McNamara, I have posted two tunes that I've been playing for many years. The first one is a lovely reel "The Golden Keyboard" and the second one was my party-piece when I was in the 8th and it's called "The Flogging Reel."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tunes!

Anonymous said...

VERY good whistling. I am very impressed. I purchased a whistle awhile back for my son. He has no teacher but is in the room right now playing. I showed him your youtube from chiff and fipple.

We are in NM right now. Perhaps I will look for an instructor here.

Anonymous said...

How did you learn to play like that? I've just taken up the tin whistle, myself, and I'm trying to learn it. You've made me realize I have quite a ways to go!