Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Trinity Irish Dancing Company

This weekend my sister Torrey was kind enough to get me free tickets to see the Trinity Irish Dancing Company perform in Palos Hills, IL. Eric Sundrup and Patrick Gilday joined me in attending the event.

Now, anyone who knows my tastes in Irish music will know that I love the tradition. I am often frustrated when I encounter musicians who play Irish tunes and, by this fact, believe themselves to be Irish musicians. There's something to be said for allowing oneself to be immersed in the flow of the tradition, to be informed by it, and when all is said and done, to be confident enough in adding one's own voice to it.

Well, the best of the Irish tradition was shown forth on Saturday. I was terrifically impressed by the caliber of the dancing, the enthusiasm of the dancers, and proud to call this performance a part of my heritage. Being its first show of the season there were a few blunders and there are a number of new dancers who've still quite a bit to learn, but all in all the show was very well done.

I deliver my first "verbatim" today. A verbatim is basically a case study of one patient visit I've made, highlighting significant dialogue, my feelings during and after the visit, and a protracted reflection on how it elevates to consciousness various aspects of import to my pastoral education. It's a laborious thing to write and I'm glad I have only three more to do, one of which I'll work on tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who has posted/emailed me about my post from early Saturday morning. Sadly, not long after I posted that did I have to rush to be with the family of a dying child. It was an emotionally draining night, but I'm so glad that I am here.

In fact, I should post this as a caveat: often enough, I need to process my thoughts and feelings "in the open." While I can do this by talking, I find writing to be helpful and I love blogging because it forces me to organize my thoughts (somewhat) into a (mildly) coherent form. What I write here is, in effect, a first-level reflection that invites conversation and puts out for the world to see what I'm doing and feeling...typical extrovert that I am!

So thanks to everyone who has posted replies and sent me lovely emails. I wish I had the time to reply, but I really am very busy. As I think I indicated before, I don't finish dinner until about 8:30 in the evening and, at that point, I've little energy for writing emails. I usually watch one of the 500+ CSI programs with some of the other guys or I go to bed.

On that note, I must be off. I'm going to start my assigned patient visits early today so I can spend some time with patients I met this weekend.

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