Saturday, December 10, 2005

Open House

In keeping with the new tradition, we will be having an Open House at "La Casa Duns" on the 26th of December. Since it's an open house, it means that anyone/everyone is invited so if you'll be around that evening, please stop by the house for some food and libations. There will hopefully be some music (I expect Mike and Brian will bring their whistles/flute/accordion) and hopefully much laughter.

Things have been very busy in Ryan's life of late. I administered and graded two exams last week. I wrote one of the final exams I'm giving next week and I'll try and write the other one in a few minutes. I'm also in the planning stages of next weekend's "2006 Loyola House Christmas Party" which everyone is invited to attend: 2599 Harvard Road, Berkley, MI 48072. The party begins at 7:30 and there will be much food and much fun to be had by all.

I will be very glad Thursday evening when my final grades are submitted. Until then, I'll be working diligently trying to craft tremendously intricate math problems for my students to tackle and slaving laboriously over recipe books searching for the food offering for our party Saturday night.

**Oh, lest I be too hasty to get to writing my exam: Brian English took first place at his school's science fair. He tested the growth of plants as a function of soil content. As I expect a full report of his statistical findings complete with footnotes and big and hard to pronounce words, I'll be sure to post his research on the web when I have it reviewed by a team of experts on such matters.**

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