Friday, September 02, 2005


I just wanted to thank everyone who emailed/called/commented on my last post. At the risk of feigned humility, I must say that it was not my intention to do any soul-searching the other night. Rather, I wrote what I felt and found that, much to my delight, my own experiences have proved and are proving to be helpful to others.

You'll notice that I've changed the name of my blog. One year after its inception, it seems that there aren't very many letters "TO" Ryan and, although there are a number of posts "from" Ryan, none of them are in letter format. Since my own self-image has changed this last year - captured most aptly as by "Wounded Knower" - I thought I'd change the name of my blog to be in keeping with what I see as my own evolution.

Now don't be afraid. I'll still post snippy remarks about my sister Hagan (Oh, she's not off the hook by ANY means!) and rant about how it took my parents TWENTY YEARS to replace my Paddington Bear that my brother murdered by putting him on the stove. But I hope to invite you into my prayer, my struggles, my joys as I continue this journey. As I did several weeks ago, I invite comments/questions.

I'm heading out now to have lunch, finish my course syllabi, and then prepare for Mike and Brian who are coming to have a music lesson this Sunday. We have to get ready for the's just EIGHT months away!!

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