Monday, June 13, 2005


Oh! I knew I'd forgotten something. After our trip to Cedar Point, we had two days of house jobs. My job was to check all the lightbulbs in the house (we have many lightbulbs, to this I attest) and, much to my shock and awe, the "EXIT" lights that illumine the way to safety in the event of a fire. Not having any 15-watt bulbs and realizing that 15-watts would NEVER lead anyone to safety, I replaced them with 40-watt bulbs (if I'd had 120-watt bulbs available, I'd have used them). Not only are the lights beacons of safety, coaxing the smoke-engulfed refugee from the fire to safety, they also enable us to land small jets - say, a Cessna - on the novitiate.

I love light!
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