Monday, December 20, 2004

Retreat Information


So here's where I'll be from January 2nd - February 7th.

Gonzaga Eastern Point Retreat House
37 Niles Pond Road
Gloucester, MA 01930-4499


If you fancy sending something, please do - cards, letters, a file to saw through the bars on the windows.




Anonymous said...

Have no fear, Ryan,
Theresa, Suzanne, Rachel, and I will break you out of there - we'll send a fruit cake with a file! Gloucester is really nice in the spring/summer, and rather serene - okay desolate - in the winter. I am fairly sure it's a dry town too.


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Michelle said...

Did you need the file in the fruit cake? I'm headed to Eastern Point for the 30-day retreat in January...and praying for weather good enough to walk each day.