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The Living Tradition

Please pardon my absence: I'm just now settling back into life in the Bronx.

I wanted, however, to call your attention to a very fine article written by Jim Lang of Assumption College. A professor of English, Jim contributes a regular column to The Chronicle of Higher Education and his latest column is devoted to a discussion of the tin whistle course I teach here at Fordham. I'm glad that he acknowledges Drew Marquard's help, without whom I would be wholly unable either to record or post my videos (I have a technological handicap). Indeed, follow this link here to see some of Drew's videos.

I hope Jim doesn't mind that I've copied the article here, so if you'd rather read it on-site then follow this link to The Living Tradition.

The Living Tradition

Think about teaching as a set of strategies or techniques that we inherit and pass on to the next generation

by James M. Lang

I've long been a devotee of traditional Irish music, despite my measly dollop of eth…

So Strange

I find it so strange that I tend to return home from vacation far more fatigued than I was when I left!

It has been a very busy two weeks and I'm now very glad to be back in Cleveland for a few days before heading back to NYC.

I haven't much to write about today. I would ask for prayers for Michael English who has gone to Ireland to compete in this year's All-Ireland Fleadh (It's like the Olympics of Irish music). He's one of our US representatives on the tin whistle.

I'm waiting for Emma, my niece, to arrive. My sister Hagan and I have a big big day of fun planned: we are going to walk to a local Sushi restaurant (Emma may have her own glass of Chardonnay, but I've heard that raw fish is bad for babies) and then head to Starbucks for a tasty beverage (Emma takes her coffee black. So mature for a one-year old). And then it's nap time...for me. Maybe her, too. But certainly for me.

Once I've rested a bit and caught up on some sleep, I'll start to …

On Holiday

It appears that there is rest for the wicked!

I'll be at our villa in Omena, Michigan and then in Detroit for Vows. So, technically, I'm on vacation until August 18th. But since I'm bringing my laptop and camera with me, I'll try to post some vacation photos while I'm up!