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Gone Praying!

As you've probably noticed, I've been terrible at posting these last few weeks. Well, it won't be any better for the next week: I'm going on retreat for the next week.
Please keep me in your prayers as I enter into my yearly retreat and know that I keep my readers in my prayers!

My Cup Overfloweth

Just a quick THANKS to Karen Hall for the Charlie the Unicorn mug she sent my way. My morning coffee now transports me to Magic Mountain and recalls the sovereign rule of the Banana King (If this confuses you, you need to look up Charlie the Unicorn on YouTube).

Hoping that Music is Hereditary: Emma Tickles the Ivories


Is it really possible?

Do my eyes deceive me? Am I delusional? Or is it possible that my prayers have been answered?

Yes, Charlie the Unicorn has returned.

Measuring Up

So I had to go and get measured for the tuxedo I will wear at my sister's wedding in June. I regret to say that I've been procrastinating about this but, unable to put it off any longer, I traipsed over to a local tailor to have the measurements taken.
Well, I feel downright violated by the whole affair! To begin with, it took me ten minutes to explain to him that I did not want him to make a tuxedo for me and that all I wanted was the measurements taken so that I could order the right tux. Having crossed this little bridge of communication, he handed me the tape measure as though I were going to measure my own arms. I politely gave it to him and tried to make it clear that it was HIS duty to measure me...I have a hard enough time using a measuring cup, let alone measuring my own inseam. 
With much harumphing and some wheezing,  he set about measuring me for my shirt size (15" neck, 34-35), coat size (38 R), sleeve (24 out, 16.5 in), and waist (32). Then he told me he neede…