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Hi All,

Well, there's not much to report from out here in Big Sky Country. I have some interesting neighbors: the people next door have a sort of "petting zoo" and there are something like seven cats, six peacocks, a bobcat (yes, a bobcat), horses, a dog, and many bison. It's like Wild Discovery. Note: Peacocks, while lovely to look at, are frightfully annoying and make a lot of noise. I hear they taste good...

I guess a lot of my time here is spent in a "pastoral capacity" as I take communion to shut-ins, attend multiple masses, do clerical work, and assist in any way I can. Oddly, I thought the shift from "rock star accordion player life" to "novice life" would be traumatic and yet I find the shift from "Crayola House" to "Active Ministry" to be much more lugubrious and slow-paced. If anything, I'm learning to be patient. At least I get to catch up on a lot of as-yet-unseen movies.

So that's it. I've recei…


There's a musical for Oklahoma. There is not one for Wyoming. I have my mission.

Yeah, so I'm here. I haven't but a moment to write, so this must be quick. This is absolutely gorgeous country...the views are breathtaking. So is the altitude - I must admit to being a bit light-headed these last two days.

That's it. I just wanted folks to know that I got here safe and sound. I'll write something more sometime soon.



Vocation Story

Hey, two posts in one day!

The following story was written at the bequest of Janet O'Keefe, Br. Jim Boynton's assistant for vocations (actually, she's the brains and the looks behind the whole vocation operation). Anyway, it represents something of the bare-bones of my vocation story, with many elements and persons left out and some details that most people don't know about me (who knew I ever wanted to be a professional Irish musician?).

To be sure, it's written simply and in a pretty no-frills manner. It's senseless to exhibit one's rhetorical talent in a scintillating display of lexical agonistics, particularly if such a display is unnecessary. In short, why waste words and try to be flowery when people just want to know that you, too, struggled with listening "the call" in your life.

When I was a little boy, I can’t say that I ever entertained the notion of being a Jesuit. As far as I was concerned, my career option ranged somewhere between a …

New Address!

Here's my address from March 21-May 21

Ryan Duns
C/O St Stephen's Indian Mission
33 St Stephens Road
PO Box 250
St Stephens, WY 82524-0250


Hello Everyone!

Well, it appears that the article in the Michigan Catholic attracted some attention and made it to the forums. I suspect, therefore, there'll be more Irish dancing people reading this - which may or may not be good!

Things have been pretty quiet around Loyola House. The biggest thing to look forward to is the "Vocations Promotion Tour" that will bring us to Cleveland for most of next week - so I'll be around, for those who are interested, from the 12th to the 18th. Most of my days are filled but, Michael and Brian, we'll have time on Sunday to get together for lessons. I leave for Wyoming on March 21st and I'll be back in Detroit on May 21st.

That's about it. As I said, it's pretty quiet. With any luck, something fun or interesting will happen that will force me to write.

Maybe I'll find some pictures to post...